Lisa Brunini

I was born in Viareggio and I first moved to Berlin at the end of the 90s, just in time to witness the profound cultural change of the country after the fall of the Wall. What really impressed me at that time was the city’s power to move on from past tragedies and to reinvent itself. I went back to Tuscany, where I graduated in Modern Letters at the University of Pisa and worked as a German-language tourist guide. But I soon felt that Berlin was my true home and in 2007 I decided to return.

The message I try to convey during my tours is mainly the following: behind the facades of the buildings and the cement of the Wall, Berlin has a big soul!

Claudia Marchese

I have lived in Berlin for more than 20 years and my love for the city is as intense as when I first arrived. It was love at first sight!

I studied German Language and Literature at the Freie Univesität Berlin and I was there during the most significant and passionate moments of Berlin’s recent history: the rebellious and problematic 80s, the unexpected fall of the Wall, the reunification and the reconstruction.